About Us

What is the Columbus section YCC?

We are an organization affiliated with the Columbus Section of the American Chemical Society and guided by the following mission statement:

“To inspire, support, and connect the young chemists of central Ohio in government, undergraduate/graduate school, post-doctoral work, industry, and academia.”


Our goals for this committee are as follows:

  • Provide structured opportunities for young chemists of all types to connect with one another informally
  • Offer programming which furthers the professional development of our younger chemists
  • Promote involvement and increase awareness of younger chemists in both local and national ACS programs
  • Encourage and support younger chemists as they transition into and establish their professional careers

Who is considered a younger chemist?

While most often found in the 18-35 demographic, a younger chemist is considered anyone not yet established in their career. Experience, not age, is the decisive benchmark!